Måndag 30 november

1. Owe you nothing

We're all the same and we fit together
That's what those "preachers" will tell us forever
Everything has it's opposite (class, culture, economy, religion etc...) that is damn sure
So don't come and tell me i need to know more

I owe you Nothing
This is the place where i was born
and it's the place where i will die
This is mine (i owe you nothing)
That is yours (i'll show you something)
(let's) Keep it that way... and there will be no wars

You don't belong here, i don't belong there
Sounds good to me i think that is fair
You know what i mean, it's your f***king dream
it's just an illusion, it's not a solution

I'm white & you are black
that's what we are, we were born like that
you have your culture, i have mine
let's keep it that way and the sun will shine

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