Torsdag 3 december

7. Don't dare to feel pride

The law says you have right to speak out
The law says you have right to critizice
But people know what it’s all about
Declarations are turning out to lies

Political correctness press people not to see
Political correctness press people to agree
does not allow you to think free

The pressure has made people blind
If you critizice you commit a crime
The system has made people blind
You better not look and don’t dare to feel pride!

Most peoples minds are occupied
By political correctness and media lies
But I’m not blind and I critizice
To see and speak out is a human right

Political correctness...

If you’re not part of the mainstream
If your oppinion are meant to disagree
Then the risc is big that you can’t get a job
You will be treaten like a dirty dog

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