Torsdag 3 december

8. Freedom to speak

Is today a state of the amarican dream
Where the people are proud, lucky and free
When I look at the world and my own contry
I see the answer is negative
In the end of the 20th century
We still have to fight for the freedom to speak

Freedom to speak, freedom in thoughts
Freedom in beliefs, freedom to talk

Freedom to think, freedom to speak
Freedom to stand up for your beliefs
(Freedom to keep up the human dignity)

We will keep on rocking for a free world
Where all can get opposite to be heard
Ideology is not the same as facts
The open discussion, we must bring it back
Like the greeks in Atlena to thousand years ago
Discussed and vote of which way to go

Most people think that they are free
That they live in a democracy
It’s reality, it’s manipulation
A violation of peoples minds
It’s a crime, the perfect crime
And they know that you are fooled
It’s a crime, the perfect crime
And they’re laughing, laughing at you...

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