Fredag 27 november

6. Man with the hat

I bet all my money on a horse called Chap
It all looked good til the final lap
I’ll bet the jockey was paid
So now I’m broke I’m afraid
I had a wife and a dog named Boom
A big fancy house with sixteen rooms
A big Harley Davidson and tree fine cars
But it all ended quick in a bar

I took advice from a man in a hat,
there’s no doubt - It was a trap

I had a job at the office downtown
A parkinglot just outside on the ground
We used to go out sometimes downtown
But this night I went on my own
He was sitting by a table, a hat on his head
A poker face, couldn’t tell if he was dead
He asked me to join him for a couple of rounds
Yes, I said, and I sat down

He told me his story and asked me to play
I’m not the man who says no to a game
He started to shuffle with a smile on his face
I should have run from that place
I left the bar four hours later
No more beers for you, said the waiter
All my money was spent on poker
Look now folks, who’s the joker

The man with the hat he gave me a tip-off
Bet on Chap and your sorrows will come off
The man with the hat was the devil, I’m sure
I won’t play poker with him no more

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