Torsdag 3 december

13. United we stand

There’s no justice in the law
No retaliation to be proud of
Playing a game that nobody wins
Somehow it feels like we’re living in sin

There’s no lie good enough
No masquerade to hide behind
We may get hurt sometimes but that’s a part
of life we can do nothing about

If you want to fight
for what you believe is right
it’s time to scream it out loud
If you’d like to see
a better world for us to be (in)
it’s time to make our voices heard

United we stand, proud of our land
together we’re invincible
We’re proud and we’re strong, our fight will go on
together we’re invincible

Reality bites, sometimes not hard enough
We’ll never learn to take a fall
If you feel pain inside, don’t be blind
together we can make things right

If you want to fight...

There’s not enough to sacrifice
And there’s no sacrifice big enough
So what ever you do, do it with pride
That’s the only way to stay alive

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