Torsdag 3 december

5. Viking spirit r'n'r

Some guys gathered to start a band
To play for fun, beers and their land
A basic set-up: guitar, drums and bass
And a voice of course - Yeah, that’s the case

Four rebellians with different backgrounds
Mixing (their) ideas to find a pleasent sound
Not always easy with different thoughts
But this song really turned out with good result

Viking spirit r’n’r - Satisfaction to the soul
Viking spirit r’n’r - From the land of ice and snow
(You can’t bring us under control cos we’re only in it for the r’n’r)
Viking spirit r’n’r

We were prepared for the stage to play some songs
But media told police that our beliefs were wrong
So they stopped some gigs, they stopped free speach
But we’ll carry on for the right to have beliefs

We see love and hate in the world around
These two elements build up our sound
This song’s dedicated to people who are proud
We can just say - You better play it loud!

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