Söndag 6 december

14. Hotrod Frankie - Parts of which I am made

The day was slowly dying
As listened to the wind
It carried tunes of pipers
With some darkness cold within

And In the distance mourning, sobbing sounds of death
Some gathering at the gallows, some gathering by the graves

And in the air was throbbing
Gloomy drumrolls I could feel
The athmosphere all sombre
Spitting knives and breathing steel

I see living souls go grieving, hear the widows crying loud
And by the gallow waiting I see men all doomed to die

Oh, evil you
Oh the parts of witch I´m made

I grasp a tiny flower
Hold it tightly in my hand
Through hell and blackest night
Shining light of promised land

A madman and a hunchback, stand lurking in the dark
Go creeping in the shadows, and digging there for parts

The corpse is in the gallows hanging high
And I feel my body aching, wonder why
A rapist and a murderer, all evil men and thieves
Evil stiched to evil stiched, he made me come to be

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