Söndag 6 december

14. Hotrod Frankie - Arising from my grave

It´s alive!, it´s alive! I see flame in it´s eye!
I´ve put life in dust of the dead!
All the secrets now unfold, electro-chemical I´m told!
Flow in artery and vein from the dead!
But feelings they do last, and my heart is pounding fast
I recall your wicked word and evil cry.
How you first created me, but just could´t stand to see.
So your first born you left alone to die.

Suffer! Sufffer! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer! Die!

You will suffer! Now, I´m back, I will follow and attack.
So alive! Arising from my grave!

Crashed the cemetary gates, at the gallow I did wait.
Raw materials I sought and found
Piece of bone and piece o f flesh, some were old and some were fresh
I stole food from the creatures in the ground
Storm and lightning called upon, taming thunder as it come
And thought cable you fed current into me
Oh I shivered from the might, felt that second lightning strike
Please uncover now my face so I can see

I see tracks out in the snow, I feel heat as dead eyes glow
Oh I wish all evil deeds undone
Out in the dark he walks, my creation breath again
Stalkin in your trail, always heading in your way
And by rights my time is soon to come
Might try bending space-time, turn the tide, and hope to die
All in vain! This monster will be strong

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