Fredag 27 november

6. Enhärjarna - Warriors

Warrios, warriors.
Warriors of the north the glorious
Our history is written in our blood.
We raise our pints for you

The gods of war, gods of war.
We need your blessing gods of war
We´re waiting for your glorious signs.
We raise our pints for you

Raging thunder, lightning strikes.
The earth will quake by fear
Undying glory raising hell,
We can feel that your are near

Pride and glory, viking story.
You make us strong, that´s for sure
Hall our mighty nordic glory.
We call upon thee mighty Thor.

Countrymen, countrymen.
Listen to their sign they call again
A call to arms, to defend our land.
They raise their pints for us

Now you fought, now you fought.
You fought like a heroe and died by the sword
To Valhall your journey will be.
We raise our pints for you.

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