12. Dark Mountain

I´ve been running chasing feathers in the wind
Like a stranger from the outland looking in
Beyond all fences baby, I can tell you´re looking nice
Like angels do when all things are bright

I fell into a hell-hole seeing you
Now wormlike creep and crawl I must do
Oh, many came before me, yeah, many tried and died
This portal´s lined with jaws that love to bite

Oh my mistress tore a hole in my heart
it bleeds´n´hurts. while tearing me apart
Oh my baby. ther´s a hole in my heart!
Come look see, it´s me
Come look see, its me, hear my plea...

I hear´em talk and whisper things about you
But talk´s just talk and I can see it through
You looked upon me once, come look upon me twice
I´ll take you out araving for a drive

A nightmare in the daylight this is she
All depths of hell calls hungry but for me
I´m wild becoming wilder, and it´s driving me insane
I´m burning up, I´m going hurricane

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