5. Darling angel

Have you ever wondered, about those creatures
Living out there in the dark?
And have you ever wondered about the sun and all the stars?
Oh my it´s a strange world where we´re living.
Mostly cold and unforgiving
Yes it´s a strange world but we´re living
And kindness might come shining through

You´re my darling angel
You´re my sweetest stranger
And I´m a black-hole without you
You´ve got that sweetest flavour
Must be a god-send saviour
Out of the void, I run to you

I do recall that moment when
I first set my eyes on little devil you
And I can still recall, how I just didn´tknow what to do
As life goes by I wonder why your crossed my path
and cooled my wrath
Oh yeah now I ponder .... what if you, you and me
Together! Forever...

You said I looked just beautiful. In my face, not a trace
from surgery, of parts replaced
And you said: come on follow me! I like your ways!
Oh little girl! I was froze´n I was silent
I watched you, and saw you walk away
Now I´m alone and hurting .... alone
And I, I wanna come home

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