4. Out for blood

I´ve been walking cold and lonely, in sea of ice and the pits of hell
By anger engine driven, and in rage I seek revenge
You promised, for me companion, yeah you promised me a friend
Like me you said you´d make her, like me made from the dead

I say, good for nothing Henry, the promise that you gave
Come all things good to he who waits!
You fucked me! Fooled me!
Now it must be understood
This long forgotten monter´s coming for you blood

I followed in your footsteps, I´ve been tracking down your trail
Now I hear you´re getting married. Say, well that´ll be the day
I recall how in your journal, abomination you had spelled
Oh the greatest cloud appearing, as evil feel on me

In the forest I met your brother, and I grabbed him by the neck
And while those bones were slowly breaking, I saw nothing but your face
What say you now? Dear father, about this creature that you´ve made.
Am I good or evil, I your first and only son?

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