7. Showdown

In the dark woods I go walking
With my mind set straihght on you
All thoughts in my head spinning round
When I wonder what yo do
I see the full moon haning low,
I smeel the fear you breathe
And just like tracking you through snow,
I know we´re soon to meet

Oh say, you fear no fire!
And that daylight chased all nightmares away
Yeah say, you fear no fire!
Now, the dice is thrown, the race is on
Just heed my call and come: Showdown

you chained me down and tied me fast
Well, those bonds with ease I broke
I hid my face and ranaway
Now life just makes me choke
You hunted and mistreated me,
come come I ain´t no fool!
Come fear and anger when
I see my image in the pool

You left alone what you had spawn
Your flaming, burning child
And I´m telling you, for sure it´s true
This fire now´s gone wild
All secrets hidden deeply down,
them you seduced and raped
Those mystic bubbles you did blow,
will come to seal your fate

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