10. Weddingtime

Go black out every window, go darken every road
Hear rolling through all ages, hear words by evil called
I watch the weeping people, who in sorrow see them go
Into the misty meadow. They cry, they weep, they fall

Nowhere! Nowhere!
Nowhere leads this path for me.
Nowhere! Heading nowhere!
A dusk and darkness come for me.

Twenty people lonely, I saw standing by the floor
Been standing there forever, just like waiting for the call
Now weddingbells go chiming, like they never will for me
All falling leaves and flying. In the cold cruel wind I see

My heart is beats like crazy, while the wind heave me away
And wingless I´ll come crashing at all your secret stay
For your beloved angel, I see fire, I see flame
For happiness you´ll be waiting forever, but in vain

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