1. 49

Have you seen the old man standing there,
with a broken back in pain?
His eyes stare into the future
with no glimpse of hope in them.
But in his mind, remembered yes
the past he's thinking on.
Now questions stir the silence
about all those years that's gone.

I really do not know him
or what work he did before.
Just a stranger looking lonely,
guess he's pulled his weight and more.
He looks at hands still skilful,
but there's just no use today.
All the knowledge he's collected,
watch it wasted fade away.

49, 49, 49, 49
49 whole years he wasted
49, no quid pro quo
49 years now forgotten
49, no how are you

He had just turned 16 when he
joined this cruel and wicked game.
Done service for the system,
to that company he came.
Now he's pushed aside forgotten,
now left along for dead.
And there's just no happy birthday
turning 65 today.

There's no need for things he know.
And his hands were much too slow.
He just couldn't keep the pace.
No quid pro quo, no how are you.
Just thank you and goodbye!

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