11. Escape the grave

Yet another day without a chance,
Yet another week like weeks before.
Still there´s nothing more...

It´s a concrete prison, stone brick walls
No one ever answer if you call.
Been doing time ever since day one.

Time is standing still, yet moves too fast.
Every day an emptiness that last.
Forever and ever´till you´re gone.

Watch out!
As you do your thinking, think!
Don´t get stuck in the glue poured over you.

Watch out!
As you keep on living, live!
Never let them steal your dreams away,
Never let them make you think your dead.
Be brave, escape out of the grave.

Hand in hand with anger and despair
Ever searching for some cleaner air
You´re cornered in a cave.

Take a walk around and you will see
Must be better ways than this to be.
Crash the gates tear down their fucking wall...

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