3. Falling down

It´s Sunday afternoon and here I´m tossing round and turning.
Still in bed as good as dead, with evil dreams from yesterday.
They call me up and get me down, they drag me further down.
While someting´s eating me I can´t se through the black.

Falling down, think I´m falling down.
I´m lost again in this world of pain. I´m the forgotten never needed one.
Fallin down, still I´m falling down.
I´m feeling lost and wasted, I´m the forgotten never needed one.

Firt one to get me started, then another´s right on the way.
It´s a way out of reality, makes a difference to my day,
transforming days of boredom into happiness for a while.
Making bearable this life of mine, giving strength to carry on.

Hate, Hate it all!
See the reasons to it all.
Hate, Hate it all!
While feelings growing cold.

Borne backwards by society, borne backwards everyway.
Pushed aside and left for dead while the pressure´s been building up.
Been given all these gifts, all this anger and frustration.
Now I´m ticking like a bomb soon ready to get off.

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