8. Going back

I´ve heard it much too often those words you used to tell.
About growing up and settle down, to join the scheduled plan.
But it seems to me you´re missing a certain point of view on life.
Cause it´s much too short and precious to be wasted just like that.

Going back, I´m going back, I´m going back again.
Revisting those days of youth, when life was just a game.
Returning to those days of youth when life was just a game.

Society´s a playground where there´s politics and tricks.
Just like a tiny game piece, you´re pushed and shoved around.
But don´t let these things grab you: don´t let them pin you down.
Cause with a rebel yell and a truth to tell, you can always have your say.

So don´t muss out, those better things in life.
They´ll follow you along until the day when you´ll be gone.

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