9. Moving on

When I walk down to the station, passing through those familiar places.
All well known, yet different than before.

I looked around myself to see if there´s something left like it used to be.
But all things changed, all things changed but me.
And remember how you told me once, only fools keep living in the past for life.
And I guess you were right as I´m leaving this town tonight

Moving on!
It´s time to be moving on.
I´m leaving now; I´ll leave it all behind but you.
Moving on!
It´s time to be moving on.
There´s no reason to stay. it´s all gone anyway.

I recall those days when we were young, when everything was easy and life was fun.
How we stuck together, you and I, all the time.

We stood by each other, like one we were, with everlasting love promised everywhere.
But that promise is gone, every sign proved wrong, truly wrong.
So it was just and only meant to be, that future was not for you and me.
But I still hear your voice so dear, calling me, calling me!

Destiny choose to point its finger,
And it pointed it straight at you!
Just fractions of a second needed,
To waste your life, to take my love away!

So I walk alone and I sleep alone, and forever I´ll be in this ghostly town,
Without you my friend, life is just not the same, anymore.

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