12. Public service media

Big Business on the move again, already in control
And Public Service Media turned out to be a whore.
Just doing what they´re told, doing what they´re told.

I guess it ain´t big news to you, at least it ain´t for us
They promise you the big-time then they kick you off the bus.
But still we´re coming through, still we´re coming through.

Ohhh, who´s in control?
Who´s telling you what´s right or wrong?
Public Service Media?

Now, this is just another song that media will ignore.
A voice they´ll try to silence down, like always and before.
They need no bloody reason, need no bloody reason!

But if you care to listen then we´ll never have to fade.
And Public Service Radio can´t make us go away.
And we´ll manage without them, we´ll manage without them.

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