13. Fourth reich

Fourth reich fighting men, that's who we are
We're living in the sewer but we're gonna go far
You see our numbers growing in ?
Fourth reich fighting men, that's who we are

We fight the system, we fight the war
You think you've seen enough of us, there's gonna be more
We gonna change the country, we gonna change the law
The fourth reich fighting men winning the war

We march so proud, carrying the flag
Beating up the pillars?, beating up the slag
Beating up the gerries?, ? drag
Fourth reich fighting men carrying the flag

At last united, fighting as one
The struggle? isn't through 'til the job is done
The battle isn't over 'til the war is won
Fourth reich fighting men fighting as one

Marching in the alleys, marching in the streets
Terrorize the scum, in the society
When the march is over, ?
Everyone ? in the new fourth reich

Fourth reich fighting men, Fourth reich fighting men...

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