4. Fuck the law

This song is dedicated to the young skinhead who was murded by
the swedish police in november `93
The bastard who killed him, were telling lies about this about
this horrible night
And of course did the court believe the lying bastard,
and he was free to go
This police who shot our comrade is still working
as a police officer
So much to the law - FUCK THE LAW!

Let me tell you a story right fair and true.
About the shitheads the wankers in blue.
They harass you and put you down.
When the real crime is growing all around.

So much for the law - The law!
So much for the law - The law!
So much for the law - The law!

They arrest you on the terrace and in the streets.
They beat you like hell so fuck the police.
They think they can do just like they please.
But remember the revenge is always sweet.

Our skinhead mate he got shot in the head.
By the cops he got executed.
So if you visit old Sweden - be aware!
Cus´there is a murderer in the force out there somewere

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