Torsdag 29 september

3. Violence

A gang of wankers attacked us from the back
We turned around and went to attack
We chased them around the town
Streets up and streets down
Then we got them later on
They are lying bleeding on the ground

Baseballbats and knifes
A part of our lifes
It's the way things are
Broken bones and scares

The Police came and blames us for the mess
They beat us up and put us in the arrest
They claimed that we were scum
But we are proud we never run
It's always we who get the blaim
Every fucking time the same

My girlfriend said that I had to make a choise
Choose between her and the boys
Stay at home and watch tv
Is that a life? It could not be
Every weekend stay at home
No way you bitch!! I'd rather be alone

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