Fredag 30 september

8. Headhunters - Headhunters theme

Being on a downer, well, We're here to cheer you up.
To get the party started and fix your broken cup
Come on and crack a beer, come on and crack some more.
Come on and join the good time we all been waiting for.

We stand fast, we stand fast.
We're standing on the stage, and we do it with a laugh.
We stand fast, we stand fast.
Get yourself together now the show's about to start.

Let go your days to trouble, let go your days of pain.
Another working week has at last come to end.
We gather down the corner, soon we're ready to move on.
Mr Media, Mr Media, we say: fuck off, you all...

Now, cock your ears and listen let med introduce our band:
We have a heavy set-up with a steelworker playing bass.
And he who bangs the drums is a gravedigger, that's a fact.
Our guitarist is a welder and this mate's from the woods.
I am just a shouter: Thank you very much.

We are a merry foursome, been around for quite some time.
For better or for worse, we stuck together just as one.
We're playing to remember, and to celebrate our past.
Headhunters what we're called and we're here to fucking last.

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