Onsdag 5 oktober

15. Bovver Brigade - On the piss

It's Friday evening and the lads are on the piss
Everybody's in the mood, what will come out of this?
We nick back the drinks, looking for some action
Adecent punchup or sexual satisfaction

After five long days struggling in reality
It's finally time to set our spirits free
The weekend's the time to do what we do best
Even though everybody sees us as a pest

Gosh we're in the mood tonight
God save the one who'll pick a fight
We'll put the boot in and disappear
Long before the coppers will hear

It's Friday and not time to think
Forget your troubles, down the drink
Even though the weeks are a bore
The weekends are worth waiting for

The bryds don't want to know about us - yet
It is all in the game, the rules are all set
But before the night is said and done
We'll get our legs over - everyone

We'll show them the essence of punk
Give 'em a mouthful of punkrock spunk
But still there is a chance to ruck
Before I'll give some byrd my knob to suck

Sex and violence - it's really the same
It's all a competition, it's all a game
It is what we live for, it is what we do
And if you don't like it - FUCK YOU!

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