Onsdag 5 oktober

9. Alone in the woods (Hotrod Frenkie)

I woke alone in shadows cold, now I´m running for my life
All town´s gone raving crazy, blaming me
Here´s plague, disease, but worst: here´s man and stupidity
So flee I must! At any cost, be free

Hug me! Hold me!
Care for me! Be true!
I´m all alone and lost in the woods
Yeah Hug me! Hold me!
Care for me! Be true!
I´m scared and running lost in the woods.... Out in the woods...

In the woods I found a safe place, found sanctuary peace
The blind man taught me words and how to speak
As I´ve read your journal, I know the truth. Oh Henry, Victor, You!
Oh Frankenstein you clever evil fool!

I will follow, I will track. I´ll be beathing down your back
While Lucifer´s in heaving laughing loud!
To the twin peaks, Lynch and Frost, I will hound you devil poor
Give Lynch your soul, and Frost your flesh and bone

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